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Welcome to Slovenia, a country of the oldest vine in the world, which grows beside the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea in the eastern Alps. Welcome to Slovenia, a country of the oldest vine in the world, which grows beside the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea in the eastern Alps. You are invited to a customized wedding/birthday study/holiday trip, which includes visiting and sightseeing of natural, botanical, cultural and mythical heritage of the Pohorje mountainside customs Natura 2020.

Participants will gather in a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is the only such a town in the world, which is only 17km away from the mixed virgin forest. In the town is planted a descendant of Modra kavčina, the oldest vine in the world. In its vicinity we will discover a mysterious entrance into the Pohorje underground world, which hides the invisible power of the Sleeping Beauty, i.e. clean water, which is solemnly transformed into noble wine on the St Martin's Day.

Culinary tradition of preserving mythical customs known as the Mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty will be encompassed by your own spiritual photo safari energetic hiking. It will contribute to a credible strengthening of your own image and promotion of your reputation. Namely, 99.99% of green explorers want to visit a primally preserved virgin forest, but they do not have financially and timely suitable opportunity for participation in a reputed study journey, which could be also spiced by customized realistic wedding, if you as a young explorer are prepared for exchanging positive energy between the ancient times and the IT world.

Together with us, the local legends, you will discover a mysterious ecosystem of the sustainable ancient times in a thousand and one popular scientific findings about the mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty. Namely, through our own brands of clean environment and clean nature we take care for preserving mythical tradition in the mystical customs Green-luxury Natura 2020 Premium. In realisation of this aim we use a technology of augmented reality.

Every human being is the architect of his/her own fortune, because everybody creates his/her own IT wedding and/or professional image of a green philosopher. Clean water/pure energy form a mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty, because the folk wisdom says, that still waters run deep. Such a power is also characteristic of justice and truth. Imagination (ability to imagine, dream) is a secret power of successful entrepreneurs, while clean air, clear conscience/morality, clean environment are the mirror of your own image/will. As green explorers we are committed to socially responsible protection of clean water which is handed down from generation to generation. A circular green economy has a supernatural power, because it is based on renewable resources of the mysterious power of the Sleeping Beauty.

The green kingdom of pure natural, cultural and mythical goods on the sunny side of the Alps is a perfect place for customized study journeys. Voice of the Sleeping Beauty/nature/ancient times/imagination should be heard/respected in its complete power/silence. Awakening of imagination is a prerequisite for changing words into acts, what would make us real heroes.

We can become gastronomic heroes of the green fairy tale only in a sustainable manner, by following the thorny path of the Sleeping Beauty, where we will be supported by culinary treats of traditional Slovenian cuisine of the Pohorje mountainside.

We plan an exclusive customized dream wedding with a presence of a local registrar, or a priceless wedding/holiday/birthday turnkey trip. The study journey lasts from one day to one year, according to your choice. We will also grant you a scholarship in kind for a good purpose, because we are known for our hospitality.

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