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Welcome to a prestigious wedding study experience of the winter Snow White. It occurs in a vastness of the Pohorje mountainside, where takes place women world cup competition in alpine skiing known as the Golden Fox.

The view of the Pohorje winter Snow White is discovered from the landscape park Kobansko on the Kozjak mountainside which borders the Drava river and the water circle Black lake – Black Sea. It is also perceived directly by a spiritual experience of energetic winter hiking in combination with the virgin forest photo safari, which stimulates awakening of key components of imagination (ability to imagine, dream). Namely, according to the folk tradition in a beautiful land of Styria in the eastern Alps lives the gorgeous winter princess Snow White, i.e. Pohorje mountainside with seven ski resorts. They are boutique dwarfs in comparison with resorts in world ski superpowers, but so amazing, that wedding visits of respected green explorers present extravagant green luxury. These resorts are pure diamonds, the black pearls of the nature, which would have been purchased by 99.99% of respected green explorers from all over the world, but they are not for sale. They are available only by invitation and recommendation of the local legends.

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A base camp is child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše. The wedding trip/ceremony or study journey is customized with regard to winter fairy tale, including snow and weather conditions. In this way we adjust to natural winter values of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside. We can visit the virgin forest Šumik or the forest reserve Koctovo, where you can make photos of the Milky Way, the North Star and impressive characteristics of the universe. For a merry Christmas and happy New Year you can afford a traditional home-made potica, in the time of Shrovetide we will enjoy tasting home-made carnival doughnuts, while the Easter will be celebrated by dried meat treats, gibanica, milk bread, ham, decorated Easter eggs and horseradish. Tasting Pohorje spirits is a remedy for all digestive problems of the newlyweds. Plantations of snow, bathing in healing sun light are a typical image of the Snow White fairy tale – a wonderful winter joy, which warms up hearts of lovers and stimulates bloodstream.

Luxury and astonishing nature are characteristical for the Snow White. You are invited to visit a sustainable ecosystem of the Balkan Peninsula, where wait for you winter idyll, peace and quiet, where you will enjoy together with local legends, you will discover the green diamonds, i.e. natural pearls of the Alpine, Pannonian, Dinaric and Mediterranean world. The experience of facing the nature, which is a mirror of your own image/imagination/perception, is priceless. The mighty occurence will show us its hidden pearls, which we should bet on in the golden age of the green currency. You can arrange working or tourist visa at the local authorities.

General terms and conditions of the strategic study journey/trip/counselling/discovering your own image are published on the web page https://www.natura2020.siWe are open for the flows of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy. You can find out more on the web site

The first wedding trip, select leading luxury wedding green wedding itinerary in Pohorje custom of hospitality. 2 days / 1 night