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Razbojnikova nevesta

Dear newlyweds!

You are welcome in Slovenian Styria, where you are invited to participate in the premium wedding trip Brigand's bride Natura 2020 in the green Drava valley in the eastern Alps.

We, the green explorers of the Tourist society Natura 2020, examine mystical sights of boutique Styria.We are focused on the Drava valley, where you can find astonishing beauties of unspoiled countryside of the second largest Slovenian city, Maribor.It is located at the edge of the ecosystem which includes the Kozjak mountainside, the Drava river and the Pohorje mountainside..

The legend of the Drava valley titled the Brigand's bride empowers newlyweds. Namely, an emerald water fairy Drava was an object of dispute among the good nobleman of Fala and evil nobleman of Viltuš.The latter ordered to his bride to realise a principle of exponent growth and build a stunning mansion Viltuš in honour of priceless clean water, which flows throught the Drava valley.Legenda teaches us, how a wedding love needs to be nurtured every day by tiny stones of gratitude and wisdom. . Nature is mother of wisdom, clean water is a fairy known as the Sleeping Beauty who possesses remarkable healing powers. Clean water annoys those people who do not respect the forest order and make harm to the Earth's climate. The marriage ordershould be also put into effect, otherwise newlyweds' home will not be a nice place to live, although it is built like the the impressive white wedding mansion of Viltuš. Home can become a wild nest or a fertile land.

Vicinity of the imposant Viltuš mansion built in the »Frankenstein« style is an ideal movie and photographic wedding background. It is adorned with a fabulous English botanic gardenwhere you can perform a wedding photo safari.A photographic tribute to beauties of the Drava valley will be also paid at the Albert's quay in the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, where was established the first grammar school in Slovenian Styria.

Your are allowed to perform you customized event on your own or you can choose to be guided by us – local legends,who will additionally show you an amazing canyon of the mountain creek Lobnica.Then we will return to the starting point of the wedding trip along the longest Slovenian mountain footbridge which will also pass the Deer rockface. A circular wedding trip lasts up to five hours.Optionally, we can extend it to last a whole day.So, it can also include visiting Black lake and local delicacies. Instead of this we could prolong the wedding trip with participation in the traditional country feast..

The first wedding trip, select leading luxury wedding green wedding itinerary in Pohorje custom of hospitality. 2 days / 1 night.

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Positive critique

»It sounds dreamy, but also realistic. Truly comprehensive tourist experience, which takes into account needs of a modern human being. Well done!« (FB, 28 July 2019 at 8.57 a.m., Vesna Mikolič)

“Lively and attractive. The event intensely addresses potential participants. I helped in creation of project title, because I wish the Society Natura 2020 a lot of success in the market”. (Boštjan Grošelj, e-mail from 19 May 2020 at 21:06).