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Wedding experiences in the virgin forest Šumik

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Doko Jerat - portret povodnega moža Jezernika
Naravni rezervat Šumik - dron posnetek Benjamin Kop

Dear newlyweds!

You are welcome in a new wedding reality Natura 2020, where you are invited to enjoy the exclusive boutique wedding trip,which will be performed in a customized manner according to the mythically-naturally-cultural heritage of the Pohorje mountainside customs personalised by the Water sprite Jezernik.

We, the green explorers of the Tourist society Natura 2020, examine specific natural sights of the Balkan Peninsula. We are focused on intertwined Alpine, Dinaric, Mediterranean and Pannonian influences in green Slovenia.Especially, we have in our mind the ecosystem of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea..

The legend of the Pohorje mountainside states, that the mystical water sprite Jezernik hides from curious eyes under the Black lake, i.e. in the Grand Šumik waterfall,which is the mythical king of the virgin forest Šumik.He is the king of intense sound bath of the mountain creek Lobnica.

The face of the water king Jezernik can be uncovered only by a skilled eye which takes into account the golden cut,because it is naturally imprinted in 24 metres high marble rock. We can reach the photo safari point of the water sprite Jezernik after 45 minut of walking along a demanding mountain path. For walking at your own risk you need to have an appropriate hiking equipment, as well as skills for handling protective steel ropes. In the mixed virgin forest you will not have access to internet connection or phone signal.

Beneficent colour therapies of the mixed virgin forest,barefoot therapy for feet and Kneipp water therapy for face are boutique constituents of a spiritual luxury of the exclusive wedding trip.

Geographic essence of a mythical tale about the water sprite Jezernik is a fact, that 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall which water flows into the Drava river is not only the highest waterfall on the Pohorje mountainside, but also the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground.

Your are allowed to perform you customized event on your own or you can choose to be guided by us – local legends,who will additionally show you an amazing canyon of the mountain creek Lobnica.Then we will return to the starting point of the wedding trip along the longest Slovenian mountain footbridge which will also pass the Deer rockface. A circular wedding trip lasts up to five hours.Optionally, we can extend it to last a whole day.So, it can also include visiting Black lake and local delicacies. Instead of this we could prolong the wedding trip with a picnic with grilled treats at an unknown location.

 The first wedding trip, select leading luxury wedding green wedding itinerary in Pohorje custom of hospitality. 2 days / 1 night.