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The Tourist society Natura 2020 is the only supplier of the European cultural heritage in wedding customs Natura 2020 in the eastern Alps in Slovenia, which is known as a leading gastronomic region of the EU in 2021.

In a children friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is the only one in the world with a primally preserved mixed virgin forest, we offer you performance of a customized luxurious green wedding Natura 2020, worth 1 million Euros or more. We know, that 99.99% of reach people have a strong wish for such a wedding event. You can experience it in the virgin forest Šumik, 17 km outside the town of Ruše, which is only 13 km away from the city of Maribor, where grows the oldest vine in the world.

We organise a customized pre-wedding ritual, wedding ceremony with wedding party, as well as wedding journey across the virgin forest, which includes also visit of the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground which is reached after crossing the largest Slovenian mountain footbridge. In a course of the wedding project you are also acquainted with a mythical folk custom about a mysterious power of the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty and a water sprite called Jezernik, who is a king of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea, which is fed by the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Donava. You can also get customized individual wedding modules, for example wedding journey or only wedding ceremony with wedding party in the virgin forest or at the local castle. Number of guests is not limited.

This is a leading innovative wedding product in the world in 3rd millennium, which cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. It can be accessed only by members of a partnership community of philanthropists. You are invited to join us. More information at:

An ideal client for our boutique wedding Natura 2020 is a Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. We have a special wedding gift for him – a book about the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

The wedding Natura 2020 lasts for two days and one night. You can experience it in each season, including winter, if you are suitably skilled and equipped for hiking in winter conditions.

The first wedding trip, select leading luxury wedding green wedding itinerary in Pohorje custom of hospitality.


Positive critique

»It sounds dreamy, but also realistic. Truly comprehensive tourist experience, which takes into account needs of a modern human being. Well done!« (FB, 28 July 2019 at 8.57 a.m., Vesna Mikolič)

“Lively and attractive. The event intensely addresses potential participants. I helped in creation of project title, because I wish the Society Natura 2020 a lot of success in the market”. (Boštjan Grošelj, e-mail from 19 May 2020 at 21:06).