Boutique honeymoon Natura 2020


Spend unforgettable time in Slovenia

The festival of wedding trips is a personalised boutique wedding ceremony, which offers newlyweds to explore cultural and mythical heritage in the Pohorje mountainside wedding customs.

Namely, a child-friendly town of Ruše is a dreamlike wedding town, because it is the only one town of this kind in the world with primally preserved mixed virgin forest.

In a circle of 100 metres in diameter take place, as follow: pre-wedding vow, civil marriage, wedding dinner with wedding dance and wedding cake, wedding accomodation in a suite.

The day after marriage newlyweds participate in a customized wedding trip which includes fabulous photo safari of historical and natural values.

You do not purchase only honeymoon, but also a fabulous wedding gift. You can choose a tailored wedding itinerary.


General terms and conditions of the strategic study journey/trip/counselling/discovering your own image are published on the web page https://www.natura2020.siWe are open for the flows of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy. You can find out more on the web site

The first wedding trip, select leading luxury wedding green wedding itinerary in Pohorje custom of hospitality two days and one night.