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Knowledge management leadership methodology

The doctrine Gnothi seauton proclaims teaching about wisdom. Bets on the economy of ethics of virtue/awakening. The doctrine Gnothi seauton is dedicated to the generation Y. 

Target group: Business leaders, statesmen, diplomats, top management, executive managers, ambassadors of knowledge, health, happiness. All those who deserve to shine as presidential stars.

Dealing of world business leaders with significant future is connected with primary fear and emotional distress, as well as call for awakening, fulfilled inner voice, training of imagination, and presidential cluster of their own image. 

What waits for you after therapy/session/recuperation?

Wealth. Health. Happiness. Success. Tranquility

The session/therapy of spiritual experience of energetic awakening allows you to get acquainted with:

  • Slovenia, one of the greenest countries in the world
  • Styria, a land of the oldest vine in the world
  • Child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše
  • Hospitality of the tourist destination Natura 2020


Diagnosis – hypothesis: awakening based on the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton in primeval environment of natural media of the unspoiled natural reserve Šumik.

Symptoms: fear, stress, saturation.

RRD technique of resounding: abstraction, absorption and self-reflection (observing, encouraging, connecting, leadership)

Cure: Teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself – who, what you are).

  • First step – awakening of imagination (ability to imagine, dream).
  • Golden section – creation of personal brand (awakening of your own image).
  • Diamond projectile – strategy od resurrection MARKET ENTRY (practised on labour, capital and finance markets).

Primevally preserved antidepressants: Tranquility. Silence.

Well-being. Added value: Water. Stone. Wood.

Side effects: Popularity. Recognisability. (Namely, 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet.)

Methods of treatment – abstraction and absorption:

  • Realistic escape in the virgin forest
  • Barefoot reflexology
  • Natural intense sound retreat
  • Natural meadow and forest selfness
  • Mountain fitness on a demanding Holcerska path
  • Colour therapies of four seasons
  • Kneipp face water therapy and ice bath

Methodology of visit/sightseeing/treatment: Shock therapy – the doctrine Gnothi seauton. Spiritual experience of energetic hiking in the primeval virgin forest without phone signal and online connection.

Goal: Resurrection. Enlightenment. Awakening. Self-affirmation.

Sustainable principles of self-treatment:

  • Sue tempore (planning, organising, self-guidance and self-control).
  • Sectio aurea (conceptuality, interpersonal contacting, communicativeness, technicality).
  • Studium generale (knowing yourself, intuition, power sharing, compliance of values, vision).

Aim: to awaken/fulfil needs according to Maslow – there is no shortcut/competition.

  • Physiological needs
  • Need for social security
  • Need for respect and belonging
  • Need for reputation and love
  • Self-realisation – maturity exam of presidential wisdom in practice, i.e. in a field of election campaign

Spiritual medicines for awakening are:

  • Traditional folk medicine: The Apple path – one Kobansko mountainside apple a day drives a doctor away.
  • Traditional rafting ceremony: Rafting on the Drava river
  • Traditional culinary custom: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach (from picking up mushrooms to eating mushroom soup or baked mushrooms with local spices)
  • Adrenaline test: Cardio-steps Albert's quay
  • Ethnographic heritage Ruškomalh: Enigma Enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty
  • Natural photographic golden section: Photo safari portrait of the image of the water sprite Jezernik
  • Traditional gastronomic welcome: Pohorje mountainside coffee with degustation of brandy/mead
  • Energetic hiking: Water circle Black lake–Black Sea
  • Mythical wedding dowry: Brigand's bride
  • Gastronomic peak: Beside a clear brook stands a mill (dishes roasted under the bell Natura 2020
  • Photo safari Kobansko-Pohorje mountainside tribute to sunrise: Drava cycle route
  • Pohorje karaoke: A blackbird nicely sings to me
  • Folk music: Ruški frajtonerji
  • Summer stage Ruše: Theatre performance 'This happy day or Matthew gets married'
  • Botanical garden of the University of Maribor: When you will come, always bring me flowers
  • Castles of the trinity of rivers Drava-Sava-Danube: Viltuš castle
  • Technical heritage: The first Drava river hydroelectric plant
  • Industrial heritage: Steam locomotive Mica
  • Museum heritage: Ethnographic museum Tomorrow we will have grape harvest
  • Documentary film treatment and photo safari session of images of natural, cultural and mythical dowry: Chase for hidden treasure
  • High-tech augmented reality supported by the TaleUp application: Astonishing virgin forest Šumik with the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground, bucks and water lilies.