The Gnothi seauton Academy is a civic initiative that is ready to help economically and technically interested governments and business leaders.

The informal network Gnothi seuaton Academy operates as a knowledge management project with the aim of establishing a global enterprise based on its own gold-based value token. 

Its goal is to encourage the Generation Y to invest into care for themselves. It is focused on a project partnership within the business system NATURA 2020. NATURA 2020The initiative is open for cosmopolitans, philanthropists. It is funded by donations, sponsor resources, bequests.

A program of the Academy Gnothi seauton is focused on courses, trainings, creativity – from managing campaign to public relations, from generating innovative processes to global leadership. We strive for the transfer of the teaching Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself – who, what you are) to a supportive entrepreneurial environment.

The Academy Gnothi seauton promotes the innovative business model MARKET ENTRY and the strategy of innovating value Market&Innovation. It operates in a cloud. Services and fees for empowerment are symbolic.

Honourable events for expression of gratitude take place on the world tourism day (27 September), when we bestow recognition awards, acknowledgements and honorary titles of ambassadors of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton on respected and honorary cosmopolitans.

We, the local legends, invite you to get acquainted with the culture, which we rely on, when we use the doctrine about wisdom Gnothi seauton to expand the teaching about the economy of the ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton. We bet on business wisdom/excellence. Let's discover its language through the strategy of business excellence MARKET ENTRY, which is the last link in the innovational chain of resurrection Gnothi seauton. Inauguration/resurrection/awakening of yourself through the process of business leadership is performed by the strategy of innovating value of your own image/faith/power/imagination.


Basic course of awakening presidential leadership competences

Milan Robič know-how – supervised training of imagination according to the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE.

Allow to the world to learn from your experiences at recall. It is your zoomed time. Share life experiences from your childhood till now. Sincerely from your heart. Get acquainted with the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton. Make the first step in the world of business leaders. Build, create and implement your own vision/image.

Discover basics of modern political economy. Experience the last step of personal development, which begins with the first step – preparation for resurrection. Awaken, test, win. By participation in the basic course you can lay the foundations for your private economic diplomacy.

The strategy of innovating value MARKET ENTRY is a process of initiation of the maturity test. You need both theory/prepreparation and practice/result, to comprehend reality that we bet on.

Joint venture homework: obtaining grants in amount up to 200,000 EUR on a level of "de minimis" incentives of the local program LAS DRAVA.

Contribution: 1,800 EUR.

Advanced course of awakening presidential leadership competences

Milan Robič know-how – supervised training of imagination according to the book GNOTHI SEAUTON with gilt edges.

Resounding is a story about time management. We embody and successfully realise presidential leeadership virtues, if we are in the right place at the right time. The time/self is our ally or enemy. There are no shortcuts, because we have to build basic trust. Credibility is of vital/fateful importance for integration process MARKET ENTRY.

Time management allows us to become much more professional. In this way we easily attract money, because it likes timely implementation. Essentially, it likes exploitation, high prices. We pay high price for our fallacy/fear, because we are not aware of the fact, that we are born for leadership. Generally, education system is unnatural, we learn untrue stories. The SMART systems of time management are the method of passive serving, which reflects care for ourselves.

The golden section is known to photographers, who have photographic/leadership memory. Reaching servant presidential leadership in a period of six months is a challenge for the golden section. A foundation of the golden section is the first step – to be in the right place at the right time. This means the knowledge 'sue tempore', which we gradually assimilated in the basic course of awakening.

Knowledge which is not put into practice is not upgraded. It disappears. For the golden section which is reflected in the partnership for a package of services worth 1,000,000 EUR you need continuous learning, adjusting, testing, preparing. You need clarity, target approach. Firm commitment.

Joint venture homework: real-estate business. Invest into yourself/for yourself.

Contribution: 5,400 EUR.

Specialist course of awakening presidential leadership competences

Milan Robič know-how – supervised training of (CO)FINANCING HIGH-TECH GOVERNMENT GRANTS

Digital transformation is the core element of lifelong learning wisdom in the IT cloud, because we have to be in the right place at the right time to enact high-tech golden section, and obtain grants worth 2,500,000 EUR. In this way we will be able to sell the achievement 'studium generale' as the comprehensive image on the market of imperfect global competition in a period of three years.

Together with us, the local legends, you will uncover business opportunities by focusing specifically on augmented reality of the natural, cultural and mythical heritage of the Pohorje mountainside.

Joint venture homework: launching philanthropic token Natura 2020; investing in people.

Contribution: 19,800 EUR.