Health is our greatest wealth


At the service of the green luxury on the sunny side of the Alps

Green luxury Natura 2020 Premium addresses natural green luxury at the crossroads of the Alpine, Dinaric, Pannonian and Mediterranean regions. Green luxury Natura 2020 Premium is the green luxury of Slovenia at the service of a clean planet and the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. A leader of the Program of economic and technical assistance is Milan RobičGreen luxury Natura 2020 Premium means a spiritual prestige of energetic hiking. Boutique experiences of ecotourism are available in the Shop Natura 2020.

For a cosmopolitan mission you are invited to choose green luxury – pristine love of nature, forest privilege and opportunities Natura 2020, which can be offered only in Ruše, safe, clean, healthy and prestigious child-friendly Unicef town, the only one of this kind in the world which has in its vicinity – only 17km away – a primeval virgin forest.

A child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše has all green luxury and everything you need to stay healthy and safe – clean environment, astonishing peace and blissful harmony. The clean planet of unspoiled Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside is your remedy. Locally produced food is your doctor. The way to your heart is through innovative hands of chefs, internationally renowned local legends.

Green luxury of the ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside sustainably takes care for what the world needs – food, peace and water circle Black lake–Black Sea. Mountains are a natural wellness place for practising yoga, they enable breathing treatment in the fresh air, because the forest produces food for a hungry soul.

. Adrenaline walk along protective steel wire ropes across bridges and slippery rocks is a natual fitness, which accelerates blood circulation and drives away fear of failure. Soul is fed by popular wisdom 'One apple a day drives a doctor away'. Pamper/awaken/educate/empower yourself through a prestigious spiritual experience of energetic hikin.

Join the cosmopolitan campaign HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH. Share with us the game of success! Invest philanthropic assets into a prestigious healing therapy of luxurious green awakening. Advertise, donate, invest NOW.


  • First step: €150 monthly for one year 
  • Golden section: €450 monthly for one year 
  • Diamond projectile: €1,650 monthly for one year